Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ice Storm

If you watch the news by now you've heard of the record breaking killer ice storm that's been taking down thousands of power lines, cutting off heating supplies and freezing assholes shut since Tuesday. I'm currently trapped in Elizabeth, Indiana(population: around 200) twenty-or-so miles southwest of Louisville, Kentucky. In other words, ground zero. Make that,  fourteen below ground zero. All roads are closed. No way in or out. More than a half million are without electricity in Kentucky alone. The Slugger factory is closed, so the tour is out which is what really makes the whole thing heartbreaking. So far, over 1.3 million from Ohio to Arkansas are powerless, and the death count is around 24 and rising. The White Witch has made Narnia winter always, Christmas never. I won't start worrying until the hot cocoa surplus runs dry and the North Face fails me. 

I took these last night.


Bitten said...

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

nikkimatt said...

i feel cold just looking at your pictures..brrrr....hopefully the cocoa will keep flowing, and you'll be back to warmer temps soon!
bumout about the bball bats though...the tour's probably more fun in the summer anyway..
stay snuggled up in your north face bro! those bitches are amazing!