Friday, October 02, 2009

Riv Trippin'

Met up with Ryan and Emily at the River for a four day tour. Aside from the wind it was fun as hell. We found out the coons live in the docks and saw wild donkeys across the water. I watched the Hoff's play some golf and they watched me catch a shit load of fish. I think the count was around 7 or 8 bass and 2 catfish(hooked 3, one got loose), all within a couple hours. Fish are no match for me, it's pretty much a done deal. Emily got a bass up by the dam, but Pistol had no luck all week so he decided to dog out the standup like it was his 5.0 from yesteryear. Bitchin' trip to end the summer. I can feel Fall settling in.


Me and You said...

Shit bro, wish we were still there

Tor said...

We'll plan a winter trip. Bring your wetsuit.