Sunday, March 07, 2010

Missing In Action.

Fire Academy. Me and my cousin Collin. First two volunteers through the confined space maze. This photo was taken in late Jan/early Feb. I don't even have a subtle smirk right now. When I get out of here in April, brace for impact. Need a little time off for bad behavior.


B and B said...

The red suspenders suit you. Also, where'd your hair go? Did they buzz it off the first day?

nikkimatt said...

hey buddy!! hope you are doing well, I think you will make an excellent fireman/firefighter (not exactly sure of the lingo on that one..)
anyway, I am now following your Twats.. I am "Lostinslc".. yes, I already know I am a nerd..

Danielle said...

wtf. at least you'll have the proper credentials when Frau gets caught in a tree.