Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TEA Party.

Today folks are gathering to protest government's dumber-than-dogshit spending of their money, useless bailouts, and a 60,000 page tax code. Growing up in California, I'd figured that the American people had long ago turned into a nation of masochists that would willingly take whatever unConstitutional cock was plowed into their tush, no matter the cost. But blood is boiling. And it's going to get hotter. Maybe the dollar becoming worthless will turn the nation of pussies into pricks. Maybe an angry mob of atoms are gathering deep in the DNA of some Americans that are now starting to realize how unAmerican their government is. With all the left vs. right cheese, maybe it's the bomb that'll bring em together. Either way, sure is fun watching it fall apart. As shit approaches the fan, I wonder who will better adapt to the new way of life we all got coming. 


Bitten said...

I'm going to print copies of this entry out and start handing them out to people when they ask me why I moved to Oregon.

Tor said...

If you're looking to hand out leaflets I could probably whip up something better. Perhaps I could toss in something about annoying faggots or how much I fear babies and large groups of chinks?

Tor said...

Plus it was sort of gay the way used that line from that Smiths song. I'm embarrassed.